Are you mom enough (to breastfeed or not)?

Breastfeeding, being one of the oldest and most natural ways to feed a baby, attracted a lot of attention recently, all thanks to Time Magazine. As a mother who is currently breastfeeding her three-month-old daughter, I even felt “compelled” to blog about it.


From the perspective of a communications professional, this is not exactly a new topic. Attachment parenting style has been known for a long time and some mothers have been breastfeeding their children well beyond their infant years. But of course, Time magazine had a hit this time. Put an attractive pair of mother and son on their cover and bring attention to one of the most controversial topics of breastfeeding – extended breastfeeding. According to, this was the best selling issue this year and the magazine doubled the number of subscriptions typically ordered in a week.

My first reaction to the cover was “Good for the mother and son but this is not for me.” It takes a lot of effort and determination to breastfeed and many mothers do or don’t do it for a variety of reasons. I do it because fortunately I can and I enjoy it. There are also health benefits for the little one when the mother breastfeeds exclusively for the first six months. For the mother, it is one of the best ways to lose weight and I am now even thinner than pre-pregnancy stage.

I breastfed my eldest daughter for about eight months. It helped when the company provided facilities to help mothers who wish to pump milk while at work. I stopped because I was tired and needed to travel. It was just easier to wean then.

I know of mothers who breastfeed their children for more than a year and mothers who don’t breastfeed at all. Both groups have children who are very attached to them. Parenthood is already a tough journey and honestly breastfeeding is just a small component of it. Let’s not be too hard on the mothers who choose to do it or not. It is really a personal choice.

As for my number two, I hope to breastfeed her for at least six months and the rest will depend.



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