Happy Mother’s Day to me

For years, Mother’s Day has always been a celebration to show our appreciation for my mother and my mother-in-law. So it was a pleasant surprise when I picked up my girl from the childcare centre last Friday. She shouted “Happy Mother’s Day” and presented the following gifts to me (though the teachers were really the ones who put this together with probably a little input from my two-year-old).


It was then that I realised Mother’s Day is for me too.

I did not have children immediately after I got married, choosing to spend time as a couple, travel extensively, be on stand by 24/7 for the next breaking news and even did a master degree. But my husband and I know we want to have kids and hence enter the next phrase of our married life. But frankly, I wasn’t confident if I can be a good mother, or a self sacrificing mother whom many expect mothers to be.

I do not like the word “sacrifices”, preferring the word “adjustment”. Yes there is a lot of adjustments to make when children enter our lives. However, our role as a parent is not and should not be our only role. I have other important roles as a wife, a daughter, a sister, an employee, and as an individual who wants to pursue other interests in life.

Therefore, a “Happy Mother’s Day” to me and other mothers who are trying as hard, if not harder, to balance the many roles in our lives.



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